Pingcon Marketing Company Overview

Our company has been in the business of creating Bonita Tissue and distributing personal care essentials, food and beverage, and janitorial items since 2005. Our extensive range of customers include various hotels, restaurants, government offices, hardware stores, retail outlets, call centers, and other corporate establishments.

Pingcon Marketing's own house brand of tissue paper. Bonita Tissue aims to give the market different kinds of tissue with reasonable prices and superior quality - soft and durable; made from 100% virgin pulp or eco-friendly materials. Bonita Tissue's product variety includes tissue rolls, jumbo rolls, table napkins, pre cut tissues, facial tissue, interleave paper towel.

Bonita Quarter Folded Table Napkin 1-Ply 350 Sheets
Bonita Prima Facial Tissue
Bonita Tissue Roll 2-Ply 300 Sheets by 12s
Bonita Tissue Roll 3-Ply 450 Sheets by 12s
Bonita Jumbo Roll Tissue 2-Ply 250 Meters Singles
Bonita Interfolded Tissue Paper
Bonita Pre-Cut Table Napkin 1-Ply 1000 Sheets


To be a reliable source of tissue products and FMCG for our customers' benefit and community's betterment


To be one of the leading suppliers and distributors of tissue products and FMCG in the entire Philippines

Core Values


Putting the company's mission into practice


Incorporating moral principles and ethics into our standard operating procedures


Achieving greater heights of supply and service


Different departments working together to improve our customer's satisfaction


Working hand in hand towards continuous development