• Christmas Basket 2019

    Christmas Basket 2019 (49)

    Perfect as a Christmas gift or for corporate giveaways! Prices range from Php 156.00 to Php 4,750.00. Free delivery when you reach the minimum order amount
  • Christmas Basket 2018

    Christmas Basket 2018 (14)

    Choose from any of Pingcon Marketing's 2018 Christmas Giveaways ranging from Php 175.00 to Php 6,500.00 + Noche Buena Hams (Purefoods, CDO, Swift)
  • Christmas Basket 2017

    Christmas Basket 2017 (31)

    Christmas basket giveaways containing goodies like spaghetti, fruitcocktail, cheese, corned beef, cookies, and more! Packed in ecobags, storage boxes, or baskets. Customize your requirements with us for FREE.
  • Janitorial Supplies

    Janitorial Supplies (194)

    Product offering includes air freshener, insect killer, dishwashing liquid, detergents, deodorizers, garbage bag, brooms, scrub sponges, pranela, trash cans, and more
  • Pantry Items

    Pantry Items (148)

    Product offering includes sugar, creamer, coffee, Del Monte juice, soft drinks, biscuits, chips, instant noodles, utensils (paper plates, stirrer, etc). and more!
  • Tissue Paper

    Tissue Paper (28)