Pingcon Marketing Corporation is an FMCG distributor of high quality consumer goods for 10 years. We specialize in the areas of hygiene, personal care, oral health, janitorial items, and pantry products.

With the goal to deliver eco-friendly and high standard products to household and corporate offices, Pingcon Marketing Corporation partners only with reliable factories and consumer enterprises. Our verge to promote cleanliness have made our company one of the strong providers of these products for the benefit of SMEs to large businesses, as well as government institutions and agencies.


High Quality

Bonita tissues and paper towels suit your daily needs.  Bonita’s product line comes in different sizes and textures that will cater your household and corporate requirements:  From bathroom & interfolded kitchen paper towels to on-the-go facial pop-up tissues & so much more!



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Get rid of dirt & stains by using premium quality brands in low-cost measures. Pingcon Marketing Corporation and its partner-suppliers ensure your individual and family’s safety by offering no less than the finest goods available in today’s leading markets.
Pingcon Marketing Corporation humbly envisions to distribute hygienic & personal care products, pantry essentials, & janitorial pieces right at your doorsteps.


Get better quality at different variety!